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About Lori

Hey there!  I'm Lori and welcome to the SVG file shop connected to my blog, Craft Your Happy.

I've been selling my cut files on a few different platforms like Etsy, So Fontsy and Design Bundles.  I decided that I wanted more flexibility in selling my files. So, I took the plunge and opened a storefront of my own.

While I'm new-ish to the world of cut files, I'm not new to designing graphics.  I've been working with and designing graphics for about 12 years now and I'm almost completely self-taught.  Thanks to my friend Leah at Digi Web Studio, various tutorials and YouTube videos, I've been able to run a few successful businesses related to graphic design.

For years, I've sold clip art on my own website, Digi Clip Art, Etsy, and Teachers Pay Teachers.  I've also run a multi-vendor site called Digi Printables that focused on paper crafting and digital scrapbook kits.  For a time, I built websites using the ZenCart platform.   I can tell you this...opening a Shopify store was a breeze compared to that!  I'm very excited how quickly this store came together!

I believe you have to use your God-given gifts when it comes to finding your passion.  For a long time, I've wondered what my passion was.  I have discovered that mine is crafting and also creating these cut files for you to use in your own DIY craft projects.  I find great satisfaction in making stuff and even more satisfaction in creating graphics on the computer. I also love to do tutorials, which is why I have the blog connected to this site.

I've always been pretty savvy when it comes to computers and technology.  I don't know how it happened other than explaining that it has to be a "God thang."  I'm from the generation that had less than 10 computers in their whole school district and for 10 years I worked in technology for a district that serviced 1000 devices. I currently provide technical support to an education software company.  Computers should not be my thing, but they are.

I'm also the gal who didn't take an art class once in her entire life, but here I am creating digital artwork.  I can't draw a straight line on paper, but here I am creating word art for you to use with your Cricut or Silhouette Cameo cutters.  Again, I can only explain it away as this is what God wants me to do.

I'm the proud mom of three great kids and as I mentioned before,  I also blog over at Craft Your Happy You're going to want to check out that blog because on it, I give away A LOT of cut files and I do some pretty nice crafting tutorials.  It's taken me awhile to get it up and running and I hope to make it grow from here.

Here's what you can expect from me:

  • Great customer service.  I've been at this retail game long enough to know that if you don't please your customers, you aren't in business for very long.  
  • Cut files that are designed in the farmhouse style that's so popular right now
  • Expanding product offerings - I'll be working on designing some files that are geared towards t-shirts and other apparel
  • Even more craft tutorials on Craft Your Happy
  • If you sign up for my newsletter here on Crafts You Cut, I'll send you a 25% coupon that you can use on your first order here on the site.

I'm really happy to have you here!








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